12.00 Exeter College Student Choir

Exeter College Student Choir is open to all students across the college giving an opportunity to sing in a group and enjoy socially singing together. The Choir lead is Emma Watson and is open to those who can read music and those that can’t. The choir music ranges from popular music like Beyonce to more classical pieces like Gaudette. A fun and exciting choir

12.30 Sadie Horler

13.00 Music Academy Level 2 Music Ensemble

Sadie Horler: “I’d love to have the chance to perform at Exeter Respect Festival because I’ve been going yearly ever since I can remember! I love the fact that they celebrate diversity in a range of ways including the food, music and stalls as well as being able to understand different cultures and different traditions in those cultures. The festival helps bring people together, just like music, so I’d love to have the chance to perform and also bring people together through my music.”

13.30 Pete Fallon

Live Lunch Slot

Live Lunch is a social music event for Exeter College Students where you can come to relax, listen to live music and/or perform and hang out in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Live Lunch operates like an open mic session and this year is hosted by Exeter College Music Academy students, Mattie Heathcote and Sabrina Fletcher. Live Lunch is keen to support the diverse and eclectic tastes of Exeter College students, so all styles of music and new ideas are very welcome. This is a fantastic opportunity to try out new compositions, practice a grade exam/music performance piece, showcase your band, hold an EP or album launch, host a jam session, curate a themed sing-a-long, play live DJ sets and more.

14.00 Emma Watson Vocal Students

Carys Gardner
Jacob Horton
Josh Brooke

14.30 Grace Hancock Vocal Students

Sadie Horler
Sabrina Fletcher
Alfie Catlin

15.00 Exeter College performing Arts Students

15.30 White Tigers of Doom

15.45 Exeter College Jazz Project

Jazz Project is an enrichment ensemble at Exeter College Music Academy for any instrument and is for students interested in exploring jazz rooted music and improvisation. This collective of young musicians focus on playing and shaping the arrangement of their music live. Jazz Project welcomes everyone, including those with no previous experience playing jazz. Lead by Musical Director Roz Harding, they will be playing funk, disco, Latin, prog, folk and contemporary jazz inspired music. Their set will be bursting at the seams with youthful energy and jazz improvisation, all locked together by the power of the groove!

16.45 New Project (Band)

17.15 HND Music Ensemble Group 1

James Robins
Mike Foulger
Amy Ellicot
Brendan Tucker

18.00 HND Music Ensemble Group 2

Kieran Rew
Jared Steadman
Dan O’Leary
Josh Thomas


11.00 Matthew Gordon Price

11.30 Exeter College Performing Arts Students

12.00 Tin Soldiers


13.00 Jambassadors

The Jambassadors are a smaller, breakout, ensemble selected from Exeter College music Academy ensemble Jazz Project. They are a collective of music students keen to dig deeper into improvisation, explore modern jazz rooted music and experiment. In varying shapes and forms they will be performing funk, fusion, Latin, rock, folk, prog and contemporary jazz inspired music, plus showcasing original compositions and arrangements. Lead by musical director Roz Harding, The jambassadors performances are an exciting celebration of creativity where anything can happen!

14.00 Toot Sweet (Flute Ensemble)

14.15 The Craig Milverton Legacy Band

Exeter College Alumni Slot (Live Lunch)

15.00 Lucy Aggett

15.15 Bekah Bossard

15.30 Joshie Beard - Odins Road (Band)

15.45 Daisi Perry

16.00 Exeter College Big Band

Now in its 30th year, the Big Band is as popular as ever with students. As with all our ensembles, the Big Band is open to any college student to join. Our current programme includes Latin American, popular ballads motown soul, soundtracks and genuine big band jazz repertoire. We encourage singers to front the band and instrumentalists to improvise. The Big Band has been a launch pad for many musicians over the years and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn the rewards on offer in meeting the challenge of new and complex styles of music.